The Wonder of You

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There are an estimated 7 billion humans on the Earth (numbers exact from the Census Bureau as of 1.7.2015).


1. China                  1,361,512,535

2. India                    1,251,695,584

3. United States         321,362,789

4. Indonesia               255,993,674

5. Brazil                      204,259,812

6. Pakistan                 199,085,847

7. Nigeria                    181,562,056

8. Bangladesh             168,957,745

9. Russia                     142,423,773

10. Japan                    126,919,659

Without you, the United States would only be at 321,362,788.

We have traveled nearly 18…

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The Desert Runners

According to Wikipidea, Desert Runners is a 2013 documentary film directed by Jennifer Steinman that follows a group of non-professional runners that attempt to complete 4 Deserts, a series of ultra-marathon races often considered the most difficult in the world. Their journeys take them through some of the world’s most beautiful places while pushing the limits of their minds and bodies. It provides a look into the mindset of endurance athletes, and the ways in which humans deal with both heartbreak and achievement.

For some people, life is like a pleasant jog across mostly level, beautiful terrain. I have observed others who walk slowly through life, some with a sense of wonder and others in drudgery.

From the moment of birth, there is a path born with us designed by genetics and circumstance that will direct our course of life. With great force of will, effort and education, the path can be modified; but then again, who can divine between force of will and destiny?

I am a Desert Runner, an ultra-marathoner in life. I am not pleased with my lot; but I successfully work to quell my occasional resentment.

I was born sensitive. Such a small word for such a big obstacle/blessing. In order to better explain why this contributes to my “Desert Runner” self-description, I offer the full definition of the word:

sensitive [sen-si-tiv] adjective: (1) endowed with sensation; having perception through the senses; (2) readily or excessively affected by external agencies or influences; (3) having acute mental or emotional sensibility; (4) aware of and responsive to the feelings of others; (5) easily pained, annoyed, etc.; (6) pertaining to or connected with the senses or sensation; (7) Physiology. having a low threshold of sensation or feeling; (8) responding to stimuli, as leaves that move when touched.

This is my only vantage point, not optional, I can’t “toughen up” past it, though I have tried with determination and failed. When you grab a person firmly by the wrist, it isn’t considered an aggressive act; unless the person you grabbed was burned on that wrist and therefore sensitized.

Running through life with emotional sensitivity makes Desert Runners of we on this path. Cry if you must, but naught changes. I have come to embrace the challenge enough to temper my resentment for those in the movie who freaking VOLUNTEERED for it. As I watched them and admired their self-discipline, I thought too of people across the centuries, running with purpose because they couldn’t afford a horse and needed to get somewhere. They would find us silly, signing up for such challenges because our everyday life becomes effortless.

I’m blessed in that regard. Every day I can remember, for a very long time has been fraught with challenge and I have no need to sign up for contests at present for inspiration. Others have financially prospered beyond my present means … I imagine what those Desert Runners spent for their challenge would pay my shelter for a few years. 🙂