The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You.


The Wonder of You

There are an estimated 7 billion humans on the Earth (numbers exact from the Census Bureau as of 1.7.2015).


1. China                  1,361,512,535

2. India                    1,251,695,584

3. United States         321,362,789

4. Indonesia               255,993,674

5. Brazil                      204,259,812

6. Pakistan                 199,085,847

7. Nigeria                    181,562,056

8. Bangladesh             168,957,745

9. Russia                     142,423,773

10. Japan                    126,919,659

Without you, the United States would only be at 321,362,788.

We have traveled nearly 18 billion kilometers from Earth (equalling 1.11847e10 miles which is too high for me to imagine anyway) and we have found no living being anywhere else.

When a ray of sunshine leaves the sun, it travels 92,960,000 miles uninterrupted until it lands warm on your face.

Whoever the Creator is or isn’t, in all this vastness of space and time, an exact design exists for YOU to be here at this moment, reading this writing and remembering that the best gift you can give the Earth and the Creator is to be the very best YOU possible.

The Fierce and the Kind

Evil people, fierce people fake and take what they want from the kind and gentle with lies and false promises that are unimaginable to those with honor.  The Evil often walk away with a reward, but to the kind is always the truest victory for only they will know love and love is the most satisfying experience of them all.

Beware the “I love you” from the evil, for the sole purpose of its utterance is to bend love-hungry souls to their will.  Real love can be read in actions that demonstrate caring, respect and sharing.  The Kind deserve no less.

Real love exists only when two kind souls come together.  Of interest to note is that often the compassionate heart of the Sincere is oddly drawn to the wounds of the Fierce.  While benefits exist in this yin/yang situation; the soul of the Kind is too high a price.

Like so many things we call “addictive,” there is a primal attraction to items that bring rushes of satisfaction with risks of huge loss:  alcohol abuse, drug abuse, overeating, gambling, meaningless sex and one-sided love.  They can each become your master and their artificial satisfaction is so sweet one can lose the taste for reality.

Clarity comes only with the consequences; though I hold dreams that my written words may sway a soul or two and so I write.  I live in the harshest of consequences from choices that haunt me; less now but still.  The most prized thing I have to offer is my wisdom born of experience and uncompromising hindsight.

I still fail quite regularly in my own endeavors, but change is happening even as I whine and cry on the dark days over my misfortunes.  I have come to embrace the painful process of EVOLVING and adapting to a world more harsh than the one for which I was prepared.

Challenges from the Fierce can allow the Kind to choose and refine their path all over again.  When attitude, fortitude and emotional muscle are regularly called into use they grow stronger inside of us.  Like a new exercise regime, the first hurdle is overcoming the mental objections our brain regularly throws out when it sees change coming.  The second hurdle to overcome is the resultant pain as unused muscles tear and repair before they get stronger all while maintaining the mental commitment of the first hurdle through that pain.  The third hurdle is sticking with it until what used to hurt becomes easy.

I value the lessons I’ve learned from the Fierce; I dread those yet to come and work to minimize their power over me.

I have much more I’d like to blog and share and I would appreciate encouragement from each person that enjoys.  Encouragement is my favorite fuel!